The City of Indianapolis

Data Processing Supervisor, Department of Administration, 1978-1980.

Served simultaneously as analyst, programmer, and system operator during implementation of an Equipment Management Information System.

Shared S/34 and IBM 3033 mainframe environment.

Served as liason with Central Data Processing.

Evaluated inventory control software and made final recommendation for purchase or lease.

Evaluated Divison hardwre needs and made final recommendations for purchse or lease.

Assisted in Division budget preparation.

Served on the Central Data Processing Steering committee.

Unsafe Buidings Program Supervisor, Department of Metropolitan Developmet, 1974-1978.

Responsible for all code enforcement functions related to Unsafe Buildings.

Supervised a $3.8 million budget and a staff of 13 clerical workers and field investigators.

Appeared before weekly hearings and in various cases brought before the District Court.

Performed all budgetary and personnel supervisory functions.

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